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Three tabletop trends with staying power

Posted by Boelter on 04, Mar 2019

When researching and purchasing new tabletop options, the focus should be with ensuring that your selections align with your menu, ambiance and long-term vision. However, in this ever-changing industry, staying relevant and up-to-date is crucial to attracting and keeping diner interest. To help you make choices that balance of-the-moment freshness with long-term relevance, here are three trends to keep top of mind.

Right Beer, Right Wine, Right Glass

Serving beer and wine in the style or varietal’s proper glass creates a value-added experience for your patrons. Not only do they have the benefit of enjoying a finely crafted beverage, but using the proper glass helps bring out the best in aroma, taste, appearance and more. The craftsmanship and materials that go into specialty glassware even affect the quality and perception of your establishment’s soundscape. Customers are constantly on the lookout for unique and special experiences, and this is a fantastic way to deliver. There is also the option to charge a more appropriate price per drink for providing a top-quality sensory experience.  

Beer glasses

Mix and Match

Patrons seek out unique dining experiences, and mixing and matching is a great way to create an eclectic, one-of-a-kind feel for your restaurant. It also reveals a number of possibilities and flexibility in sourcing. For example, you can source just a few beautiful pieces for a special seasonal appetizer. Or, when you spot a great deal on something that best fits with your aesthetic, you can snap it up. More and more manufacturers are lowering their case quantity minimums as well, making this approach more practical and appealing.

Mix and match tabletop - Dishes, mugs, glasses

Organic Shapes and Colors

Today’s diners are gravitating toward design schemes that reflect a more natural, relaxed atmosphere. Applying tabletop that taps into that aesthetic adds personality and dimension to the overall dining experience. Dinnerware manufacturers are stepping up their game for this trend. As a result, there is a great variety of color and shape options available from commercial dinnerware manufacturers, ranging from rustic to contemporary. And unlike potter-made dinnerware, which doesn’t fare as well in a demanding restaurant environment, commercial pieces look handmade but are capable of withstanding excessive use and abuse without chips, cracks or glaze issues.

Close up of organically shaped dinnerware

How to get started

Get in touch with your dealer representative to begin working with a tabletop specialist. They will do what it takes to help you better understand which of these trends makes sense to incorporate into your establishment and how to go about doing so. In the meantime, make note of any ideas you have or photograph those pieces you like for future reference.

If you'd like examples of how we put these ideas into practice, take a look at our tabletop designs for Flight Club and View MKE.

Topics: Foodservice Management

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