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It's time to re-think restaurant rewards

Posted by Boelter Blue on 18, Dec 2018

Loyalty can take many different shapes and forms. In fact, it’s changed so much over the years that it’s hard to know what’s actually effective and what’s just holdover! What we do know, however, is that loyalty is much more than just a punch on a card, a scan of a QR code or some arbitrary point system. Loyalty is creating an experience that makes your customers feel good and makes them want to tell their friends about the incredible experience they had at your restaurant. So, how do you do that? First, let's start with why your customers are abandoning traditional loyalty programs.

Men on phones at bar

Why customers don’t like your loyalty program

process is too long
When a customer decides to buy into your loyalty program and is then asked to provide a ton of personal info, they start to think negatively about your program. "What are they doing to do with this information?" "Are they going to spam me?" "I don’t have time to fill all this out!" "I'll just do this later.” These are just a few things we’ve overheard while working in the restaurant industry.

Confusing point structure
"Buy a beer and get 149 points…" What does that mean?! What do I get at the end? The customer feels like they have been collecting points with no real end in sight. We live in and era of instant gratification – people want things NOW and if they can't get what they want now, they want to know WHEN. An arbitrary point system doesn’t give your customer this satisfaction, so they become bored or frustrated and decide to not participate.

Unappealing rewards
All rewards are not created equal. What one person might think is a great reward another person may not. Diversity in your reward program is key.

Stale rewards or offers
If a loyalty program is the same year after year, it becomes boring and there is no sense of urgency to visit! Customers frequent the establishments that make them feel good and excited. Even if they love your restaurant they might not come back. Why? Because they simply forgot. The stale rewards program becomes background noise. A crumpled-up card in their wallet that eventually gets thrown away.

How Boelter Blue loyalty programs offer a new, enticing approach

Create memorable experiences
More than just a punch card, the app creates an overall superior experience by automatically guiding your customers through the most ideal interactions a customer can have with your brand. For example, you can set up a new guest journey that showcases the food and drink your restaurant is known for over the course of a few visits.

Beer and plates of food at restaurant table

Quicker, easier sign-in process
They don't have to sign up or enter any additional info UNLESS they want to receive extra rewards.

Doesn't go stale
Automated messaging, new offers and seasonal digital punch cards keep things interesting and drive a sense of urgency.

Easily transition from an old program
It’s easy to convert customers from and old loyalty system into a mobile app system. Giving them a 30 to 60-day window to convert their points or redeem their points gets them excited about the new program without feeling like all their past work or money was wasted.

People always have their phonesBoelter Blue create custom loyalty programs
A Boelter Blue app doesn’t take up room in your wallet and customers never leave the house without their phones. There is no excuse not to generate rewards!

Easy for customers to use
Customers can open the app on their phones and show it to their server to see rewards update in real time. No scanners, no getting up, no fiddling with stamps or punches. Just a simple, instantly gratifying experience.

Want to learn more about how Boelter Blue can transform your loyalty program for the better? Book a demo with the Boelter Blue team.


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