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Reducing Waste and Saving on Food Costs with Cambro Storage

Posted by Boelter on 14, Feb 2018

When it comes to reducing waste and increasing profit margins, there are a lot of moving parts. For example, you might want to consider changing your menu to accommodate seasonal local produce. You could also try re-designing your kitchen and prep areas to make the work flow more efficient. 

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However, if your main concern is in how much food is going to waste in your kitchen, we have a solution: Cambro food storage. 

Instead of telling you why Cambro's food storage system is one of the best, we want to share a story that a customer of theirs shared with them. The results speak for themselves:

Back in 2012, after two years of business, California based health food restaurant Green2Go reported that their yearly costs of goods sold was at 41%, while their waste margin was over 10%. They deciding something needed to change. While looking for possible solutions, owners Joulia and Anita discovered Cambro, an innovative foodservice product manufacturer that prioritizes modern issues, efficiency and quality. After implementing the brand's line of food storage pans and seal covers, Green2Go was ecstatic to let Cambro know that their waste margins fell to single digits, and their cost of goods sold dropped to 31%.  

While Joulia and Anita implemented additional strategies in their effort to reduce waste and costs, they attribute much of this profit saving success with their investment in a better quality food storage system. In fact, keeping their food fresh longer, not only saved on food costs, but also reduced the amount of food prep time their staff had to put in, minimized their risk of contamination, and increased customer satisfaction.

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Overall, Cambro's food storage solutions keep food fresh longer and maintain proper temperatures. They are proudly made from sustainable materials to reduce the company's own waste and protect food from dangerous chemicals and bacteria. 

See the difference for yourself. Check out Cambro's interview with Green2Go here, or contact Boelter Foodservice for more information today.

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